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Exact Dimensions for Miro

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Exact Dimensions for Miro

Little Appy Co
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Looking to precisely position elements on your Miro board? Using Exact Dimensions, you can easily specify the supported dimensions of Miro board elements:

  • X coordinate
  • Y coordinate
  • Width
  • Height
  • Rotation

Sizes and positions can be specified in absolute terms or relative terms. For example, you can specify an item must be placed at the X coordinate 20 or that the item should be moved from its current location by 20dp.

Set dimensions and positions one-by-one, or select multiple items of the same type to configure in bulk. Additionally, you can choose multiple items of different types but you may be able to modify fewer values as only those common to all selected item types will be available.

Note that due to Miro API limitations, some elements do not support specifying the height, width and rotation. You can find out more about which elements support what operations here.

Miro Marketplace Link: https://miro.com/marketplace/exact-dimensions/

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