Getting started with Bicep for Azure

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Do you create your Azure resources & services manually using the Azure portal and your web browser? If so, you'll be aware how time consuming it can be to ensure that configurations remain the same across multiple production and non-production environments. Or perhaps you've dabbled in using JSON Azure Resource Manager (ARM) files before, and found them to be too overwhelming.

Harness the power of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and learn how Azure Bicep can save you time by automating your Azure resource creation. Avoid problems such as environment drift by creating files that describe the resources you'd like to create in Azure - no more messing about in the Azure portal!

This course, targeted towards beginners and those with some experience with traditional Azure Resource Manager JSON files, covers a range of topics designed to help you get started with using Bicep.

What's included?

In this nearly 1 hour course made up of tutorial and how-to demonstration videos, you'll learn:

- What is Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and how does Bicep relate?

- How to create Bicep templates and deploy them to Azure

- Fundamentals when working with Bicep templates, such as loops and conditional logic

- How to modularise your templates for enhanced reusability and simplicity

Each lesson is accompanied by links to more information where available. Some lessons also include Bicep template files so you can follow along at your own pace, or get started deploying right away!

Course outline

1. Introduction to Infrastructure as Code

2. What is Bicep?

3. Benefits of Bicep

4. Setting up your Bicep development environment

5. Create your first Bicep template

6. Deploying your first Bicep template

7. Parameters, variables & outputs

8. Expressions & functions

9. Loops and if conditions

10. Converting ARM templates to Bicep

11. Build ARM templates from Bicep files

12. Modularising ARM templates with Bicep

13. Conclusion & what's next?

+ tutorial sample code to follow along

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Getting started with Bicep for Azure

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