QR Code Generator

Use this app to quickly generate QR codes within your tables on AirTable or for documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

What's included?

- Access to the QR Code Generator Airtable app and Microsoft Office 365 app (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

- Script that can be used to automatically generate QR codes using Airtable automations (note: Airtable Pro or Enterprise plan required)

Airtable Overview

Simply choose the field that your QR code content resides in, and click generate.

Alternatively, automatically generate QR codes when new records are inserted or updated using Airtable automations. 

Once subscribed (requires Airtable Pro or Enterprise plan) you'll have access to a script that can be used to automate QR codes when new records are created or updated via Airtable's automation feature.

After generation, QR codes will then appear within a field of your choosing, ready to be downloaded or printed.

Common use cases include:

  • Inventory management systems (scan a QR code and update an inventory item from a mobile device)
  • Generating codes for events or public gatherings

Note: An existing Airtable Pro subscription is required to be able to install this app.

Microsoft Office 365 Overview

Generate QR codes in Word, Excel and PowerPoint using the QR code generator app. Choose from a number of customisation options, including:

  • Primary & secondary colours
  • Custom icon in the center of your codes
  • Size
  • Error correction level
  • Heading & subheading
  • And more...

Need to generate more than 100,000 QR codes per month? Contact us at support@littleappy.co for custom pricing.


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QR Code Generator